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August 14, 2008


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I-just-gotta-tell-you about this dream I had last night.

Work had me organising an important meeting. I was nervous but prepared. Ok, so somehow the meeting was on the 8th floor of the Victoria University Library rather than at work. And the sky was a funny incomplete colour. But I was organising a meeting in a dream. Given the circumstances, things weren’t going that bad. Important people with important ties were filling the room and I knew just what I was going to tell them.

Then what happened?

Well who should turn up for the meeting but all the band members of Mother Love Bone.

The day before (how could I have forgotten this?) I’d asked them along, and now they were there, ready to play a few songs. They were dressed like their music suggested: on the cusp of hair metal and grunge. And even in a dream meeting they stood out. Hair-sprayed
locks and ripped jeans. The people in ties looked nervous.

I had to get them out of there! So I convinced them that maybe they should go and play at the campus bar instead. The agreed reluctantly, so
I took my leave from the increasingly jumbled room to walk them down there. I figured I’d smooth over any ruffled feelings by buying them all a drink.

Halfway to the bar I realised that I’d forgotten my wallet. So I asked the band to wait and raced back to the meeting to get it. When I got there I found that all the important people from work had left and the only people remaining were a few acquaintances of mine from high school who were holding fort. What a mess! Although, to be fair to my mates, for people untrained in development they were doing a good job. Working through the agenda and resolving the issues…

Sometime round then I woke up.


Younger readers are no doubt wondering what Mother Love Bone sounded like. Here we go…


Have you ever just had to regale a friend with a dream you had. It seems so important and you have to tell someone. Their reaction, though, makes it pretty clear that your dream really wasn’t that interesting after all. Why? I think dreams seem so important to their owners because they feel them, or live them to be more exact. You feel the emotions. You see that strange yellow sky. You marvel at the hairdos. Yet your words are never going to capture the surreal sense that’s now slowly ebbing out as you wander through your waking life. So your description just sounds dull. Something about a band, in a library and work anxiety…


The other strange thing – thinking about it now – was that I’ve been in that dream library before. On other nights. It has its own dream geography, only vaguely related to the real world but which is consistent (kindof) in between dreams. I have a few other dream places like that.


Oh, and one other thing: I’m not actually a Mother Love Bone fan. I knew a few of their songs but not what they looked like until I clicked on the Wikipedia page just then. You know what, in my dream the part of my subconscious that populates these places conjured – from the band’s sound I guess – a pretty good likeness. Not bad going for a subconscious working on the fly…


Update: Cool. Schroedinger’s Tabby also has recurring dream locations.


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