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August 31, 2008

Life as a goldfish

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Terence: “Mum read through the list of common side affects of surgery today. Apparently, temporary memory loss is quite normal. Boy is that a relief to hear.”

Jo: pained look

Terence: “Oh, we’ve had this conversation before, haven’t we?”

Jo: sustains look

Terence: “And you’ve read that booklet before too?”

Jo: “Yip”.

So, I’m recovering fine so far, but very forgetful. It’s getting better though – I’ll try and post an update later in the week. Thanks to those of you who’ve emailed or posted comments


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  2. […] Except this time my short term memory was muddled for much longer and only slowly returned. As my mother and I rediscovered, memory loss after open heart surgery is pretty normal and normally transient. And my memory did […]

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