Wandering Thoughts

October 9, 2008

What makes me tick…

It was always going to happen and yesterday it did.

In a quiet meeting room, something was distracting my colleague, eventually she told me what.

“That watch of your is loud isn’t it?”

It wasn’t my watch.

Not all artificial aortic valves make a noise. Mine was silent for the first few days but overnight a couple of days after surgery that changed – to the consternation of my surgeon.

Anyhow, now I tick – like Peter Pan’s alligator. Like an over-loud wristwatch. Like a time bomb in a movie.

Like a turning car; driving today I caught myself checking my indicators, mistaking my valve for the tap they make when on.

The good news is that it is amazing how quickly I’ve gotten used to the sound.

I am thinking, though, that it might lead to some interesting times in airports…



  1. I’m so sorry Terence but I just laughed and laughed and laughed at your post. Definitely will fill the silences huh?
    heeeeeehehehe I think it’s cool.

    Comment by Nikki — October 10, 2008 @ 9:11 am

  2. laughing’s good. best you’re forewarned too – lest you run screaming from the next meeting we’re in shouting ‘aarrgghh’ that man has a bomb strapped to his chest’. Or, even worse, that you think I’ve taken up wearing chest bling…


    Comment by terence — October 10, 2008 @ 8:04 pm

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