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November 20, 2008

Roid Rage

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I’ve long forgotten his name, but I still remember some of his stories. ‘He’ was a Canadian backpacker who I met in a youth hostel in Cornwall. I hadn’t been travelling long and can remember being rather envious – as I ate my dinner of Vegemite sandwiches – of his ability to cook. More importantly though, new to the world of backpacking I was rapidly becoming attracted to everywhere on Earth. And so I listened eagerly as he told me tales of life in the Canadian ski town that he was from.

The one I’m remembering now is about the jocks. Big burly youths who drove big burly pickup trucks and who chomped on steroids to ensure they remained musclebound.

“Aw man, the worst was when they’d get Roid-Rage. The steroids would drive them nuts and they’d start smashing things up and wanting to fight you.”

I was still keen to travel to the Canadian west but I promised myself that if I ever made it there I’d avoid the berserkers and their trucks.

Anyhow, I am, of this morning, taking steroids (Prednisone). Not, I hasten to add, because I want to buff up for summer or because I want a bigger truck. But because prednisone is very effective in dampening inflammation.

Unfortunately, as our Canadian friends no doubt learned, one way or other most steroids are also very effective at ruining your body. Were I to take prednisone for too long I might end up moon-faced (that’s the reason why you only see photos of the young Che Guevara – who took steroids for his asthma – on t-shirts) and my bones could be damaged (I think), along with other uncomfortable side effects.

So I’m on the roids for a month. I just couldn’t cope otherwise – the pain was too much. The worst I’ve ever hard with my arthritis.

Hopefully, while the prednisone is dampening things down, the other meds I am taking will tackle the underlying disease process and, by the time I’m weaned off it, I’ll be feeling much better anyway. Otherwise, at least I’ve brought myself a month of low-pain living.

The good news is that I’m already feeling better for it.

Great – now I’m off to smash up the living room…

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