Wandering Thoughts

December 19, 2008

Strange as Angels

Music can do strange things to a man.

A couple of blog posts ago we learnt how a humble bluegrass song came this close to having me spend my days in the Blue Ridge Mountains somewhere.

The first time I heard Just Like Heaven something very similar happened. The song didn’t just make me want to buy every Cure album ever. It didn’t just make me want to dye my hair black and mope tragically…

It actually had me seriously considering learning the guitar and starting a covers band – all for the purpose of playing that one song. I was going to call the band
“I Just Like Just Like Heaven”.

A couple of well-meaning friends talked me out of it, but I’ve always wondered whether they were wrong.

I know, I know, you’re going to say, “well wouldn’t one song get boring pretty quick”.

As counter-evidence I offer

Dinosaur Jr (best. cover. ever)

The Watson Sisters (h/t Russell Brown)

and the original…

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