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January 31, 2009

Road Rage

Filed under: Ramblings and Musings — terence @ 10:09 am

I have a friend who believes the vapour trails of planes are part of a conspiracy. Some menacing secret group has them infused with chemicals that rain down on us and change our mood to dampen our vibes and make us grumpy.

If it’s a conspiracy, it isn’t working on me. The other day a vapour trail floated above Wellington for hours, cutting across the sky like a line of slightly smudged chalk. For a while part of it caught the sun, refracting it’s rays into broken bits of rainbow.

If there is a conspiracy to keep me grumpy, I rather suspect it involves the following:

  1. SUVs: can they possibly get any bigger, uglier and harder to see past? Try turning out of driveway or small street when one is parked near the intersection. Try seeing past it. Good luck.
  2. Boy racers: the cultural cringe, the evidence they provide that evolution can, in fact, operate in reverse, the noise coming from their “mufflers”…
  3. The thingamegig¬† on your steering wheel which turns off your indicator for you. Half the time it doesn’t, so you can’t actually rely on it. Half the time it does, before you’ve actually turned – switching off your indicator when you need it most.

Vapour trails good. Cars, useful but generally pretty irritating.


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