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March 14, 2009

An Excursion into Flower Blogging

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This morning's congregation

Fair enough, sun worship’s had a rough couple of millennia. Shoved aside, one by one, by a bunch of metaphysical religions. From a practical point of view though, there’s still a lot to be said for it. After all, the sun is the bringer of life to our troubled little planet. And the bringer of the rhythms that govern our lives.

Luckily, the Dandelions are still as devoted as ever. And if you were a deity, and in need of devotion, could you really ask for more? Flattering you with their colour and form. Reverent swaying in the breeze…

Of course, I’m not a deity, and am in no need of floral devotion. I just like their happy little presence, sprinkled across the lawn, celebrating another week in which they didn’t get mowed.

Waiting for the sun

Waiting for the sun


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