Wandering Thoughts

April 4, 2009


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As the setting sun etched Marlborough from the western horizon, we set on a bench by the melted-glass sea, watching a husband and wife bring a long line in. He waded into the gentle swash and gathered large sweeps of nylon, while she looped coils; division of labour thread together by quiet chatter.

I envied the passtime that brought them to the beach amongst the evening’s calm.

We waited until the fish came in, hooked on bifurcations from the central line, swerving left and right, fighting against the water that left them behind. He plucked them out one by one, different shapes and sizes, and set them in a plastic crate of freshwater to drown. Killed by rules no one explained, they flipped and flopped against each other. Ebbing. Ebbing. An orange fish opened and shut fins like Japanese fans, trying for purchase in the unanswering air. I chewed glumly on my pizza and thought of drowning swimmers waving for help off empty beaches.

Behind us a car drove by, a trailer in its wake, an unshackled safety chain rattling angryly as it bounced along the road. Kapiti Island sat patiently, as the evening dressed it in shadows. Seagulls watched our dinner sulkily. And the fisherman took the smallest fish, freed the hook from its jaw, and set it back into the sea.


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