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February 4, 2010


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Earlier than usual, while the setting sun was still splashing orange around the 21st floor, I said my goodbyes. There weren’t many; 18 months on my own designing reporting tools – I never really got to know the accountants I worked amongst. This had been odd and awkward at times but now it just meant I got out of the building sooner. Down to the street where the large articulated buses lurched off on their stop-go journey into Sydney’s north. By then, I imagine, I was stifling the urge to sing.

Over the harbour bridge, past the buildings, glowing blues and red in the twilight, lined up on either side of the water, like opposing football teams. Through North Sydney, the old familiar route, warn by the commute, the morning haze and the exhausted journey home, now alive with lights and shops and bars. Just this once, the beginning of the road! Southwest, then west, then north, and east again in the end. Great big swathes of Australia in front of me. Travel, of course, never quite takes you to your dreams. Never quite works out as you planned. And I’m pretty sure most of my giddy thoughts on my way home that evening weren’t ever realised. While other things, which I spared no time for at all, like the slow return of disease, were shortly to intrude. But such is life. I still made it to the Outback, to the lonely Walls of China, to Uluru, to Palm Valley and Mataranka. And Darwin and the Kakadu. To Karumba and Wipa. And Noosa in the end. Limping along the way. But more than that I got to drink and drink of that feeling, as the bus took me to the northern beaches on my final evening of work, of everything being wide open, possible and unscripted, which is maybe even best of all.


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